Surprising MLM Success Secrets

Wouldn’t you be surprised to hear that the best kept MLM success secrets begin with his one: Never advertise your MLM offer (well, not to begin with, at least).

If you were a jeweler would you want to offer a franchise to a butcher? If you were a donut maker would you eagerly offer a franchise to a carpenter? Not if you expect your franchises to get off to a great start. Why? Butchers and carpenters, although perhaps experts in their fields, know nothing they need to know about selling jewelry or donuts. Similarly, to succeed in MLM one must first master the well established MLM Success Secrets. Those who fail simply haven’t done that!

Since virtually nobody outside of the inner circle of MLM experts knows those MLM success secrets, any general postcard or email advertising blitz is doomed to failure on two fronts. Most people recognize that they don’t have clue one about how to do MLM marketing so, wisely, they don’t respond. Those who do respond probably don’t know Jack either; unfortunately they don’t even realize there are, in fact, a number of MLM success secrets they can master if they want to succeed.

Here is how to apply that first secret I mentioned. You need to either study on your own and become expert enough in knowing and providing MLM success secrets – the proven methods and strategies – to your contacts, or become an affiliate of a network marketing training program and learn the methods from the ground up. Once you are thoroughly knowledgeable, you offer to train your prospects in the MLM success secrets you have learned.

Think about which offer will bring the greater response and be most effective in the long run. (1) “Join my MLM. Find new recruits. Make lots of money,” or, (2) “Let me train you in how to apply the MLM success secrets so you can learn how to earn a six figure income in network marketing.”

The second approach has consistently improved response rates from the typical 1 – 3% to between 25 and 50%. And, when you promote a sound, proven, training system as an affiliate of an MLM expert marketer’s program, you earn money (commissions) even if none of your contacts (who buy the training) never join your MLM.

So, here is exactly how to become a success in MLM. First, become knowledgeable in MLM marketing procedures and strategies by either doing the research yourself or finding an affiliate program that will train you. Second, sell your contacts on the training program and earn commissions. Third, make your MLM offer to those by then adequately trained contacts based on the MLM success secrets you have learned from your own training.

Although it is certainly possible that over a year or so you can launch a search and discover the MLM success secrets on your own, realize all that work has already been done, refined, tested, and perfected for you. Streamline and vastly shorten your approach by searching out one of the proven training programs.

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